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Modern Arabian societies and cultures


The bachelor's and master's degree programs "Languages and cultures of the Islamic world" with an Arabian focus center around the modern Arabian societies and cultures.

Besides studying Arabic (modern and classical Arabic as well as regional country dialects) and topics relating to history and religious studies, students also concern themselves with approaches from the social and cultural sciences. Studying "classical" texts in their original languages as well as historical topics creates the basis for being able to understand and contextualize modern developments, processes, and thematic areas more comprehensively. Further fields of interest of the degree programs in Languages and cultures of the Islamic world with an Arabian focus include Arabian-Islamic cultural and intellectual history, Arabian literature and culture, European-Arabian cultural relations, transformations of religious concepts and knowledge systems, as well as gender and religious-political movements.

In the master's degree program, cooperation with the Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology (teaching and research program "Ethnography on our doorstep and abroad") enables interested students of languages and cultures of the Islamic world to acquire comprehensive knowledge of social-science methods and also to conduct small fieldwork projects of their own. The Department of Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian Studies also participates in the Research Master Program of the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne. (