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Dr. Housamedden Darwish


Dr. Housamedden Darwish studied philosophy and specialized in Hermeneutics and methodology of social and human sciences. He earned his Master degree in Philosophy at Bordeaux University which was followed in 2010 by his Ph.D. in Philosophy on the French philosopher Paul Ricœur. He worked as freelance researcher, visiting researcher, and teaching assistant on the subjects of Eastern philosophy and the Arab uprising, and on transcultural concepts, as well as on Political Islam and Modernity. Dr. Darwish participated in presentations and panel discussions worldwide, with a focus on the Arab and Islamic thought, political and moral philosophy, cultural studies and migration Studies. He has numerous papers and articles in the field of philosophy, politics and Arab and Islamic thought. Furthermore, he published several books about the hermeneutical philosophy and the French philosopher Paul Ricœur as well as about Arab political thought, Syrian revolution and asylum. Currently, Dr. Darwish is Assistant Professor at the Department of Oriental Studies of Cologne University and at the Department of Philosophy of Duisburg-Essen University, Germany.